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As a practitioner of Test Automation, I wanted to explore the possibility of creating a generic test automation framework for web applications.

I’ve experienced the struggle of migrating to different test automation frameworks time and time again. The never-ending need to refactor page objects. The horror of updating test automation scripts.

It is a nightmare.

Tools such as Selenium WebDriver gives us a means to do test automation, however, it doesn’t cover the project governance part.

  • How do you structure your project?
  • How do you group your page objects?
  • How do we setup the project such that it is easy to maintain and use?
  • How do we execute the test assets and where do we store results in a way that provides useful information?
  • Any many more…

Many organizations go through the same challenges.

What if there is a standard way of putting it together that is independent of the tools used and the application being tested.

What if there is a Generic Test Automation Framework which solves most of the common struggles of test automation teams today.

I think it’s worth a shot to give it a try and find solutions to the problems I’ve mentioned above. Right now, all I have are ideas, but no answers and concrete solution.

But I want to explore and figure things out. To do that, I need a web application to play with.

I can’t use public websites like Amazon, Airbnb, and the like because I don’t have control over the changes they do. What I need is a controlled environment.

So I thought I’d just make one myself. Thus, Cloud Bank.

Cloud Bank is an imagined version of the web application being used by clerks in the bank for processing basic transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. It is not a real banking application and the functionality is very basic. That’s fine because I only need it for practice and exploration of my test automation ideas.

And while I’m at it, maybe other testers would need a web app to play with too. So I decided to make it accessible by everyone.

Website: (credentials: tester/password@1234)

Source Code:

The web application is made using Python Django Framework. You may copy the whole web app on your machine and practice test automation using it or do whatever you want. It’s free to use.

So there, I hope this could be useful to others too.

Happy testing!



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