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Test Automation 101 using Robot Framework

The demand for test automation skills is growing in the tech industry. With the use of test automation, companies are able to build products in less time with lower costs and greater quality.

As this shift towards more automation unfolds, traditional QA Engineers, Testers, or Test Analysts need to be up to speed. For others, the challenge is that test automation requires technical skills, which is not necessary before.

Target Audience

This tutorial series — Test Automation 101 — is written for those who are currently in a Software QA role but have little to no practical knowledge and experience in Test Automation. This is ideal for beginners. With that in mind, I did my best to make this tutorial series as simple as possible. The technical details are just enough to help the reader get started. This tutorial series only serves as a starting point and deeper research and more practice is still highly recommended.

(For the experts in the Test Automation field who might come across this tutorial series, I would very much welcome any feedback, insights, and corrections, if any.)

Now, time to get our hands dirty!

The topics below are sequential, so make sure to finish each one first before moving to the next. In case you got stuck, I’d be happy to assist. Just leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can.


  1. Workspace Setup Guide — Simple and Easy
  2. Capturing HTML elements on the Web page
  3. Creating Keywords and Tests in Robot Framework
  4. Robot Framework Project and GitHub integration
  5. Project Structure Sample
  6. Robot Framework and Jenkins Integration

I hope this tutorial series helps. Cheers!



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